Frequently Asked Questions

You can read more about the Green Elf Team here.

We deliver to greater London and various neighbouring counties.

We offer two main types of Christmas trees; 'Nordmann Fir' and 'Fraser Fir'. Both are premium varieties that are renowned for their beauty, easy maintenance requirements and great needle retention (less mess). They both come in three different sizes to suit homes and offices of all shapes and sizes. You can read more about our trees here to help you decide.

Yes, we source all of our trees from our one and only grower based in the South West of England. They are a family business that have been growing Christmas trees for generations. They are at the forefront of innovative and sustainable practices, and can also lay claim to suppling The Ritz London, Crown Estate, Royal Horticultural Society and the National Trust (to name a few!). You can read more about our partner tree grower here.

Our tree stands are available separately. To save you the time and inconvenience of figuring this out, we offer just the one type which suits all of the trees we offer. It's functionality and durability means it will last you for many seasons to come.

All of our trees include FREE DELIVERY, and you'll be asked when you want you want your tree delivered. If you make an order that doesn't contain a tree, you will not have the option to select your delivery date.

Yes, we can deliver if you're not home. Our preference is that you are home, and we will work with you to find a delivery date which is convenient to you. 

We only offer home delivered Christmas Trees, this way you can enjoy more time safely at home with fewer miles travelled on the road.

Our trees are carefully chosen by our grower to ensure only the best are delivered to your door. This means we can be confident you'll love your Green Elf Sustainable Christmas Tree.

We have 3 sizes available for the Nordmann and Fraser trees (5-6ft, 6-7ft and 7-8ft). We also have small table trees available too. You can see our range of trees here.

Yes we do! Please visit our For Business and Large Orders page here for more details.

Our earliest delivery date is Monday the 16th of November and final delivery date is Sunday the 20th of December.

Yes we can! We'd love to help you recycle your tree (either composted or repurposed for its next use). If you'd like us to arrange this service (between January 2nd and 7th 2021), just add the Responsible Tree Removal Service to your cart and we'll be in contact to arrange the collection.

Our trees are ideal with their low maintenance requirements but they don't like being placed near heaters or radiators, and love a drink over water across the festive season. See here for more details in our care guide.

Over the Christmas period, our charity partners will be collaborating with us on Facebook and Instagram. You will receive a 'donation certificate' outlining your valued contribution to the charity/charities of your choice.

The short answer is yes! Various research has shown that the average artificial tree products up to 10 times as much carbon emissions to that of a similar size real tree. Plastic also takes centuries to break down, whereas our sustainable British trees can be repurposed via composting or up-cycled to be made into something else. You can find out more about our sustainability practices and the benefits of real trees here.

Yes, however this needs to be done at least 5 calendar days in advance of your delivery.

We're confident you'll love your sustainable Green Elf Christmas Tree, but if you're not happy with it, let us know in within 48 hours of delivery and we'll make it right and deliver you a new one if needed. Please remember, each and every tree is unique. Please refer to the Care Guide for more detail on how to set up and care for your tree

Absolutely! We offer our full range of trees and accessories that can be ordered in larger quantities and delivered to a list of recipients (so long as they're in our delivery zone). They even come at discounted prices to help you with your Christmas budgets.

Whichever you prefer. We can send them all to your office/single location or we can send them individually to a list of recipients.

It's easy! Once you've made your order, we'll contact you to fill out a simple list of names and locations. You can relax and leave the rest to the Green Elf Delivery Team.

We take this on a case by case basis, depending on how many recipients and their locations. In some cases we can, but for particularly large orders with sparsely located addresses, it may take us more than 1 day.

Yes we do! All of the trees in our 'For Business & Large Orders' range already have discounts applied.

Yes we are. Our VAT registration number is 360790687. Upon payment, we also issue you a VAT invoice that you can use for tax purposes.

We are more than happy to work with you to help you create something truly special for your recipients. For example you may want to bundle together a Table Tree with some wooden decorations and an advent calendar. Just email us on and we can talk you through the options.

Indeed we can. Just order your trees and we'll take care of the rest. If you have any questions about which trees may be best. You may need table trees to place throughout the venue, smaller trees that don't take up space or a possibly a centrepiece tree to steal the show...whatever it is you need, we can help!

If you still require help or have any other questions, please click here for our contact details.