We take pride in offering the most sustainable Christmas tree delivery service in London

Commitment to Sustainability

Green Elf Trees is proud to offer the UK most sustainable Christmas trees and delivery service by:

  • UK GROWN - all trees are UK grown (minimising CO2 compared to imports from Norway & Eastern Europe, sold by most street vendors). Click here to order yours!
  • FOSTER A TREE (UNIQUE TO GREEN ELF) - not just a 'rental tree'. We deliver your tree, then collect after Christmas and replant it in the wild to live and grow for years to come! (click here for more)
  • ZERO WASTE - unlike most competitors, no trees are wasted. Every tree has a home! Pre-ordering your tree with us (here) helps our cause
  • COLLECTION & UPCYCLE - tree collection service for all trees (traditional cut trees are upcycled/composted, pot grown are replanted)
  • MANGROVE PLANTING PROJECT - with every order we add mangrove trees in Madagascar (via Eden Reforestation), helping fight climate change by extracting CO2 from the air
  • ELECTRIC DELIVERY FLEET - we utilise a 100% electric powered delivery fleet with optimised routes to minimise miles on road
  • CARBON OFFSETTING - offsetting our logistics carbon footprint

Our pot grown trees; the UK's most sustainable option

Why not choose the UK's most sustainable Christmas Tree?

  1. We deliver it on a day and time of your choice,
  2. You foster the tree for Christmas (enjoying and caring for it across the festive season), then
  3. We collect it and replant back into the wild to live on and continue growing for years to come, capturing carbon as it does.

Complete the full sustainablility circle where the tree's time in your home is just another step on it's long journey of life.

See our Pot Grown Christmas Tree rental/foster options here

Real trees vs artificial trees

We believe passionately that Christmas shouldn't come at the expense of the environment, so we embed sustainability in everything we do. Firstly though, we promote the use of real trees over artificial plastic trees. Whether you choose a traditional cut tree or a pot grown tree (more below), you're making a better choice for the environment. Why?

  • Carbon Emissions - a properly disposed of tree has 10 times less of a carbon footprint compared to that of an artificial/plastic tree. Our trees are locally sourced not from the UK.
  • Tree Replenishment - our grower plants at least 2 trees for every 1 they cut down and we plant an additional trees via our partner the Eden reforestation project.

  • Wildlife - tree farms often provide sanctuary for wildlife like deer, birds and insects
  • Education - Two thirds of the UK still use artificial trees and we believe more households should move to the more sustainable option.

See our most sustainable pot grown tree options here and more of our sustainable traditional cut trees here.