Our Story

Our journey towards becoming London's best Christmas tree delivery service

Who we are

Green Elf Trees is a London based company, founded by Matt Bouloux & Caleb Silcock. Two friends with a vision to allow every household and business to enjoy a more environmetally responsible Christmas that never sacrifices quality or convenience.

We source only the highest quality British Christmas trees, conveniently deliver them to your door, whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Since day 1 we've also been passionate about giving back to our community and donating to a number of important charities with every order (and you get to pick the charity!).

In our fourth year, with our team of Elves, we'll be working tirelessly to deliver trees across London and the UK. Everyone is welcome to join the Green Elf Trees family by ordering a tree of your very own - see our full range of trees here.

Obsession with quality and convenience

Years ago, with our own homes and families, we struggled to find top quality trees that were easy to transport home or convenient to have delivered. So we embarked on a mission to solve that problem.

We now sustainbly source the UK's finest Christmas trees (partnering with farms that supply the Ritz, Downing Street and the Royal Estate) and conveniently deliver them to thousands of homes and businesses around the UK.

We're so confident in our trees and delivery service, we offer a "Green Elf Guarantee", which means we ensure your beautiful tree will be delivered safely and conveniently to your door (on a day and time of your choosing).

Pick from a range of traditional cut and pot grown trees then simply pick your delivery time here.

Commitment to Sustainability

Green Elf Trees is proud to offer the UK most sustainable Christmas trees and delivery service by:

  • UK GROWN - all trees are UK grown (minimising CO2 compared to imports from Norway & Eastern Europe, sold by most street vendors). Click here to order yours!
  • FOSTER A TREE (UNIQUE TO GREEN ELF) - not just a 'rental tree'. We deliver your tree, then collect after Christmas and replant it in the wild to live and grow for years to come! (click here for more)
  • ZERO WASTE - unlike most competitors, no trees are wasted. Every tree has a home! Pre-ordering your tree with us (here) helps our cause
  • COLLECTION & UPCYCLE - tree collection service for all trees (traditional cut trees are upcycled/composted, pot grown are replanted)
  • MANGROVE PLANTING PROJECT - with every order we add mangrove trees in Madagascar (via Eden Reforestation), helping fight climate change by extracting CO2 from the air
  • ELECTRIC DELIVERY FLEET - we utilise a 100% electric powered delivery fleet with optimised routes to minimise miles on road
  • CARBON OFFSETTING - offsetting our logistics carbon footprint