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Nordmann Trees

Nordmann Trees

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Full and bushy shape, beautiful green growth, easy to care for, and low-drop needles are just some of the reasons why the Nordmann is the UK's favorite tree.

  • Suits rooms of all shapes and sizes
  • Low-drop needles: less mess and more beauty
  • Extra long-lasting tree
  • Light and fresh scent
  • A great all-rounder
  • Donation made on your behalf to a charity of your choice (select above)
  • Width of tree is approximately 3/5 of height. For 6ft/185cm tree this is about 3.5ft/105cm. For 7ft/210cm this is about 4ft or 120cm.

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  • Renowned for their bushy and dense shape, they boast beautiful branches that are abundant with rich green growth.
  • Also famous for low maintenance requirements and their ability to hold their needles across the season. You can enjoy more time at home this festive season with more beauty and less mess.
  • Your Nordmann tree will come from one of the best growers in the UK, and only their premium, hand-selected trees are provided to us.
  • All of our trees are covered by our Green Elf Guarantee, ensuring a quality tree is safely and conveniently delivered to your door.

The Nordmann is available in three sizes:

  • Cosy (5-6ft) - perfect fit for smaller homes and flats
  • Classic (6-7ft) - ideal for most homes and office spaces (our most popular choice)
  • Grand (7-8ft) - simply spectacular tree that will fit in most homes and promise to steal the show!

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