We believe passionately that Christmas shouldn't come at the expense of the environment: we embed sustainability in everything we do.

TREES: two thirds of the UK still use artificial trees and believe more households should move to the more sustainable option.

Carbon Emissions - a properly disposed tree has 10 times less of a carbon footprint compared to that of an artificial/plastic tree. Our trees are locally sourced from the UK.

Tree Replenishment - our grower plants 2 trees for every 1 they cut down

Wildlife - tree farms often provide sanctuary for wildlife like deer, birds and insects

We also offer Potted/living trees and plants which will last for many Christmases to come!

DELIVERIES: all of our deliveries are optimised to be as close together as possible to avoid extra carbon being generated.

We carbon offset all of our delivery and recovery activities with an extra 50% spent to ensure we're carbon negative!

RESPONSIBLE COLLECTION & DISPOSAL: we also offer a responsible collection service, to take your tree. All of our recovered trees are composted so that they can be used as nutritious soil for the next generation of plants and trees in London!

KEEPING POTTED TREES ALIVE: we offer a service to take all our pot grown and table trees back to continue their growth.