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Fraser Trees

Fraser Trees

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Sleek and elegant shape, rich green foliage, easy to care for, and low-drop needles have made the Fraser a top Christmas tree in the UK, Europe, and North America.

  • Ideal for rooms of all shapes and sizes
  • Low-drop needlesless mess and more beauty
  • Extra long lasting tree
  • Beautiful, festive scent
  • Luxurious, extra premium-grade tree
  • Donation made on your behalf to a charity of your choice (select above)
  • Width of tree is approximately 1/2 of height. For 6ft/185cm this is about 3ft/90cm. For 7ft/210cm this is about 3.5ft or 105cm.

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  • Their elegant profile is slightly slimmer than the Nordmann, so they can complement a spacious living room or glide in nicely to narrower spaces too.
  • They boast rich, dense growth and an attractive scent. The Frasers are clean and easy when indoors, and hold onto their needles excellently. Overall they're super easy to look after.
  • Your Nordmann tree will come from one of the best growers in the UK, and only their premium, hand selected trees are provided to us.
  • All of our trees are covered by our Green Elf Guarantee, ensuring a quality tree is safely and conveniently delivered to your door.
  • By choosing a Green Elf tree sourced here in the UK, you're supporting a more sustainable option compared to plastic trees or even a real imported one.

The Fraser is available in three sizes:

  • Heritage (5-6ft) SOLD OUTperfect fit for smaller homes and flats
  • Royal (6-7ft) - ideal for most homes and office space (our most popular choice)
  • Ritz (7-8ft) - simply spectacular, with more time at home to marvel at its beauty...treat yourself!

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