Our Trees

We offer two of the best varieties in a range of sizes to suit any home or office; the 'Nordmann Fir' and 'Fraser Fir'. Both considered top of the class in terms of beauty and convenience, they're also working 'fir good causes' with a donation to charity for every tree ordered! 

Nordmann Fir

Shape: the 'traditional' Christmas tree shape; broader in stature with an almost fluffy appearance. Bushy growth towards the lower parts (more places for decorations!) getting progressively shorter branches towards the top. Click here to see our Nordmann trees.

Colour: a rich, slightly darker green than most other varieties with an impressive glossy finish. 

Needles: The needles and branches on Nordman's are much gentler and softer than many other Christmas trees. They're particularly accommodating if you have young children or pets.

Scent: doesn't produce a particularly strong scent (unlike the Fraser Fir) but still has a fresh, clean, citrus aroma.

Care: low maintenance and considered a ‘low-drop’ tree as it retains its needle exceptionally well. Even when they dry out, they still hold most of their needles (less mess!) They fare well in a toasty home, but like all trees they still need water and its best to keep them away from heaters and radiators.

Fun Fact: they were first documented by Finnish zoologist, Alexander von Nordmann, in 1838 and later named in his honour.

Fraser Fir

Shape: elegantly shaped tree with its more pyramid-like profile. It boasts abundant growth that rises from a slightly narrower base to striking pointed crown. With it's slightly slimmer profile, they're not just suited to living rooms but also tighter spaces and hallways. Click here to see our Nordmann trees.

Colour: vibrant green with a feint blue/silver hue that compliments the needles perfectly.

Needles: gentle upward-pointing needles which makes it perfect for hanging decorations on with ease. The needles are soft, but not as soft as the Nordmann.

Care: also has low maintenance requirements and is a ‘low-drop’ tree. They manage well in homely environments, but like all trees they still need water and its best to keep them away from heaters and radiators.

Fun Fact: the ability of the Fraser Christmas tree to hold its needles relates to its natural habitat's exposure to the clouds!

About our trees

Green Elf trees are all British grown and sourced solely from our partner, JadeCliff (based in the South West). This family business has been growing Christmas trees for generations and are recognised as one of the best throughout the UK and Europe. Amongst a long list of achievements, their tree's regularly feature in The Ritz London festive display, and also in the Royal Estate.

Sourcing locally also helps ensure Green Elf Trees are consistently of the best quality, and it also means they spend as little time on the road as possible (which means a smaller carbon footprint for a greener Christmas). All emissions from Green Elf Tree deliveries are carbon offset too! Read more about our sustainability practices here