Our Trees

We've proudly partnered with one of Britain's finest and most reputable Christmas tree growers; Jadecliff. This family business has been growing Christmas trees for generations. Steeped in tradition and pedigree, their list of achievements is remarkable; including supplying The Ritz London, likewise for the Crown Estate, Royal Horticultural Society and the National Trust to name a few. Click here to see these beautiful Christmas trees.

A key member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, Jadecliff are also at the forefront of innovation and modern practices that encourage sustainability and responsibility across the industry. In line with industry leading  growing practices, every cut tree is replaced with two others. Their trees also provide sanctuary for local wildlife such as deer, birds and insects.

They also provide pot grown trees which can survive multiple Christmas seasons. By working with a single British supplier, we not only ensure our Christmas Trees are consistently of the highest quality, but we are also assured that they’re grown in a sustainable and responsible way. Sourcing our beautiful trees from Jadecliff's hub in the South West of England also means they’ve spent less time on ships and trucks compared to trees imported from abroad.

Click here to check out our beautiful Christmas trees supplied by Jadecliff or here to find out more about our sustainability practices.