Our Green Elf Team

Christmas is a time for music and entertainment. For musicians and members of the entertainment industry, it’s been a particularly difficult year to find opportunities to use their skills.

As London is a global capital of entertainment, we've heard many stories about the difficulties faced by this community, and inspired us to think of ways we could help.

For example, in one poll, 34% of musicians were considering abandoning their careers in music.

We believe artisans of London shouldn’t have to retrain or change their vocation. So we're trying to make a difference by providing opportunities to out-of-work entertainers to deliver our beautiful British Christmas trees to your door.

If you want to support this cause and provide opportunities for this community - the more we sell the more we can help them - so have a look out our range of Christmas Trees and products here.

Also, When you order a Green Elf Tree, we will share the exclusive Green Elf Tree playlist of Christmas tunes and carols and some of their collective works, perfect to bring your extra cheer on Christmas day and to help you discover new music!

To support us and this group please have a look out our range of Christmas Trees and products here.

If you're looking for work, please send an enquiry via our contact us page.