Our Charities

We believe that Christmas is a time to make an impact on the communities we live in

Giving back to the community

At Green Elf Trees, we believe in the ‘snowball effect'. Actions we take can result in meaningful outcomes for various people, groups and stakeholders within our community.

We strive to achieve this is with:

  • Financial Donations: Guaranteeing a donation to our list of charities for every tree that’s ordered. It’s simple, order a tree and choose your charity. Click here to see our Christmas trees to support these great causes. You can learn more about our charities below.
  • Tree Donations: Donating christmas trees to families and organisations in need at Christmas. Through our charities and relationships with other 'good causes', we donate a number of Christmas Trees each year. This year for example they will mainly be going to Ukrainian refugees.

If your charity or community organisation would like to get in touch about collaborating us, you can do so by emailing info@greenelftrees.co.uk

Charities we support

GOSH - Children's Hospital Charity: they give seriously ill children a chance of a better future. On average they help 619 children a day with life changing treatment. GOSH Charity exists to go above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Crisis: supporting efforts to combat the growing homelessness crisis, helping tens of thousands of people out of homelessness and campaigning for change.

Dog's Trust: they specialise in the safety and wellbeing of dogs. They protect dogs in the UK from maltreatment, cruelty and suffering, which is an increasingly growing area of concern in these difficult times.

Refugees at Home: a UK charity which connects those with a spare room in their home with asylum seekers and refugees in urgent need of a safe place to stay. They do this to both alleviate street-homelessness and destitution among the most vulnerable members of our society

Mind: this charity won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. For 1 in 4 suffering from mental health issues, every day is a fight.

British Red Cross: Supporting people in crisis this winter. Please help the British Red Cross reach those most in need in the UK and overseas.


Ordering with Green Elf Trees supports your community

It really is that simple to enjoy the tradition and joy of Christmas, whilst making a difference to the world you live in. All you have to do is:

  • Choose your tree (check out our range of traditional cut and sustainable pot-grown trees here)
  • Choose your delivery date (pick any day and timeslot of your preference)
  • Choose the charity that we'll donate £2 to on your behalf. If you can't decide which charity, we can simply split the donation evenly across all of them

Click here to order your tree, select your delivery date and choose the charity that we'll donate to on your behalf.