Our Charities

At Green Elf Trees, we believe in the ‘snowball effect'. Actions we take can result in meaningful outcomes for various people, groups and stakeholders within our community.

We strive to achieve this is by:
- guaranteeing a contribution to one of these charities for every tree that’s ordered, and
- providing job opportunities to out-of-work musicians and entertainers who've endured a difficult year (more below).

It’s simple, order a tree and choose your charity. Order multiple trees and choose your charities! Click here to see our Christmas trees to support these great causes. You can learn more about our charities below.

GOSH - Children's Hospital Charity: this charity supports the Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital, giving seriously ill children a chance of a better future. On average they help 619 children a day with life changing treatment. GOSH Charity exists to go above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Crisis: Crisis was formed in 1967, as an urgent response to the growing homelessness crisis. Since then we have helped tens of thousands of people out of homelessness, and campaigned for change.

Dog's Trust: an animal welfare charity and humane society which specialises in the safety and wellbeing of dogs. They protect dogs in the UK from maltreatment, cruelty and suffering, which is an increasingly growing area of concern in these difficult times. No dog should be lost from unnecessary destruction, nor should a healthy dog ever be put to sleep.

AgeUK:Too many older people feel they have no one to turn to for support. AGEUK exist to help older people when they need it most.

Mind:For 1 in 4 of, every day is a fight. MIND won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

Supporting out-of-work Musicians and Entertainers

Our objective is to also support out-of-work musicians, artists and members of the entertainment industry. We strive to do this by offering job opportunities in our team of delivery Elves. You can learn more about this here