Our Story

Who We Are

We're a London based company, passionate about making an impact in our local community. We believe Christmas is a time for giving to those you love and those less fortunate.

In our second year, with our team of Elves (with their Labrador assistants too!) we'll be working tirelessly to deliver a delightful, sustainable and convenient Christmas for you!

Our core values are:

Quality: Great trees and great service. Our Green Elf Guarantee means we ensure your beautiful tree will be delivered safely and conveniently.

Read about our partner grower here.

See our full range of Britain's finest Christmas Trees

Sustainability: Minimising our impact by:

- Sourcing within the UK

- Optimising delivery impact

- Offsetting our impact(i.e. locally sourced, recyclable and long lasting). 

- Sustainable offers like our potted tree and responsible tree collection service.

See our range of sustainable options and our tree collection service here

Community: Supporting our local community by providing opportunities to out-of-work musicians and entertainers and a £3 donation to a charity of your choice with every tree purchased.

Have a look at our range of trees here

If you have any questions please have a look at our FAQS here or contact us at info@greenelftrees.co.uk